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Everyone has a story to tell, whether it be personal, business, community/sport group or charity – so why not Voice It on your very own dedicated podcast, or by getting us to spread your message out there, through press and other media including social media.

Project Management

We will manage your award applications/events or any media related project.

Podcasts For Business

We will plan, record, edit, produce and publish your very own podcast!

Public Relations (PR)

We will tell your story with impact – with your voiced information. We will deliver the key messages you want to communicate to your clients/customers via media and social media.

The voice behind it all. Meet your podcast host - Kath...

Your story (or voice) is in the very best of hands when you choose Voice IT!

Based in the North West of England, Kath Lord-Green has a long history of audio work, starting firstly in Radio News and during her time as a News Correspondent for Commercial Radio interviewed hundreds of everyday people and those with high profiles including the then Prime Minister John Major.

An award winning business woman, Kath has not only built her own multi-award-winning radio station but presented numerous live radio shows such as It’s Your Business and Farming Friday (winner of the Community Radio Awards in it’s first year).

An Ex-Commercial Radio Station Director, Kath was part of the senior leadership team for Bauer Media UK, managing both Greatest Hits Radio and The Wave in Swansea.