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Everyone has a story to tell so why not Voice It on your very own dedicated podcast, or by getting us to spread your message out there, through press and other media including social media.

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At Voice It we do everything that gets your voice heard!

Podcasts, PR and Project Management for awards and events.

Podcasts For Business

We will plan, record, edit, produce and publish your very own podcast!

Public Relations (PR)

We will tell your story with impact – with your voiced information. We will deliver the key messages you want to communicate to your clients/customers via media and social media.

Project Management

We will manage your award applications/events or any media related project.

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VIP Podcast?

We connect with business from all around the UK. Talking about what they do, their journey and really tapping into what makes them tick.

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PODCAST for Business Workshops are here!

Learn why YOUR business should have a Podcast and how to do it! Podcasts are becoming more and more popular with audiences flocking to choose to listen to this medium in record numbers.

Voice It PR and The Child of Britain Awards 2022

Voice IT PRs Kath Lord-Green was asked to provide guidance to two young ambassadors Tilly Lockey and Isabella Signs on the red carpet for the inaugural Child of Britain Awards

How can Podcasts help your Business?

Podcasts are popular, podcasts are getting more popular. Your business could stand out in your sector if you have a Podcast!